Vibrators for couples.Pleasure couple is best enjoyed with sex toys
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Vibrators for couples.Pleasure couple is best enjoyed with sex toys

Vibrators for couples.Pleasure couple is best enjoyed with sex toys

There is no doubt that vibrators are fashionable couples. Has long ceased to be true that that ´´vibrators are for single´´ or for fun ´´alone´´ because man can now also enjoy with your partner benefits vibrators increasingly sophisticated.

This quantum leap in how to use vibrators came with the arrival of the already legendary We Vibe vibrator, the first version was a revolution in the field of sex toys.Its small size first space left for penetration, and high flexibility allow simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, the G-spot and the penis. That first model had only a single vibration mode, but it was the delight of thousands of couples around the world. Its huge success led soon after the appearance of the We Vibe 2 incorporating up to 9 different vibration functions and greatly improved the system on and off.

the culmination of this revolutionary vibrator for couples is the We Vibe 3, which has 40% more vibration power, has a comfy control with remote control and a more discreet and improved charger. In addition, it is completely waterproof, making it ideal for all kinds of sexual positions even in the water. As if that were not enough, his recent appearance at the famous Four Sex Academy program has triggered demand in both men and women absolutely delighted with the properties of this amazing sex toy.

the other star product within vibrators for couples is the Lelo Tiani, recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot design award 2012, in recognition of the high quality of its design among more than 4,500 products competing this year for the award.

and this massager for couples is a show inside and out. Its exquisite design is complemented by total flexibility and a smooth and soft touch which provides a greater pleasure to both partners during intercourse.Also, its SenseMotion technology allows you to enjoy its 8 different vibration modes without using hands. Just turn the toy from its wireless controller (up to 12 meters range) and adjust it as you wish to enjoy its intense vibrations during intercourse or masturbation. This little wonder of sex is also waterproof, incredibly quiet and compatible with the use of water-based lubricants.

You see, sex toys evolve and suit your needs. Now, finally, vibrators are also a thing of 2.

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