Main contraceptive methods for couples
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Main contraceptive methods for couples

Main contraceptive methods for couples

One of the main purposes of this section, where we´ll discuss among other issues directly related to sexology, is to contribute our grain of sand in favor of better sex education that allows us to enjoy sex to the fullest without running any risk, either in the form of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

practice safe sex it is a great irresponsibility and can have serious consequences, so we should never contemplate that possibility . No matter how insistent be our partner, we must be able to translate this intention firmly.

There are a number of perfectly valid and contraception a percentage very high effectiveness wherever used correctly. This time we will avoid the so-called definitive methods such as tubal ligation or vasectomy and focus on the most popular reversible methods, ie those that can recover the ability to procreate to stop using them.

start talking about both male and female condoms and also protect us from most sexually transmitted diseases. The most popular contraceptive methods has earned their success for the simplicity of its use and effectiveness percentage is around 97%.

male condom it is a sheath usually made of latex that is placed over the penis in order to fully cover the male member during erection and that has a space at the end called tank whose purpose is to hold the semen after ejaculation. There are many makes and models of male condoms and are also presented in fun colors and even flavors in the sex shop have a section dedicated entirely to this type of condoms

female condom it is a kind of bag that is placed so as to cover the inside of the vagina and integrates two rings required for attachment and proper placement. It is not a widespread method and its effectiveness is estimated that about 95% so it is advisable to use some additional spermicide. As in the case of male this condom is also throwaway.

IUD (Intrauterine Device) is the introduction by the gynecologist in the uterus of an object that prevents sperm from reaching the egg and whose effectiveness is around 99%. This device remains housed inside the uterus while pregnancy is not desired to be necessary replacement approximately every 5 years.

The diaphragm is a very little used because it is impractical and should be accompanied by some kind of spermicide option to increase its effectiveness. It consists of an object shaped metal ring that is coated with silicone and once inserted into the vagina prevents the passage of sperm into the uterus.

oral contraceptives or birth control pills are tablets work by preventing ovulation. Its main advantage is its extremely high effectiveness 99.9% and the convenience of not having to resort to any ´´external element´´ during intercourse.Conversely not all women can use them and have contraindications and side effects. We must take special care to administration since it must be taken every day at the same time.

If you prefer to run away from this type of ties can choose the transdermal patches applied on the skin and release their active ingredient gradually or vaginal rings instead of applied to the skin is inserted into the vagina and must remain there for 21 days.

We hope to have helped with this sensitive issue.

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