¿Flirting is synonymous with infidelity?
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¿Flirting is synonymous with infidelity?

¿Flirting is synonymous with infidelity?

The definition of flirting is showing signs of interest but without compromise, is therefore synonymous with flirting, a love game that can be most innocent and fun, unless one of the hostel parties true intentions.

There are men and women who enjoy flirting, like to please other people, and play with them to see how they react, or to try to expose their feelings and intentions. If both parties come into play, and is just a game, it can be quite fun, but one thing can lead to another and end up in an affair if one of the two already have a partner.

Flirting is another way to seduce, and can be done more or less discretion, perhaps a compliment around here or look there, and suddenly we see as the other person perceives it and a small voltage or complicity, for one is an unexpected situation and for the other a tense wait to see how it turns out.

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As I mentioned, the problem with this arises when one of the two have a partner, there are people who love to flirt, either at work or with strangers. When you have a partner or they stop or continue flirting, in which case they risk their partner is angry or they simply ignore their behavior because they understand that is part of their way of being.

it also is a tactic often used to try to put a jealous man or woman, and thought to see if it shows interest. But is it really effective? It´s a good tactic or just shake you contribute to the relationship and undermine confidence?.

When you are part of one´s personality, flirtatious it is done naturally, it is a way to interact and please others, but when it is forced can end badly, more than anything because if one fails to make jealous partner, you can go further and end up committing an infidelity which you repent and that ruin the relationship.

the jealousy is something natural ´´to some extent´´ instead force these feelings in the other is not quite normal, it shows a lack of security or a way of trying to control attention of the couple, so that it focuses on one and not directed to others.

So what flirting is really not infidelity ?, but can lead to it. If you like flirting because it´s your way of relating it´s fine, it´s just talk with your partner and make clear what are your feelings now, if you or your partner does to get jealous other, then the question arises whether it is a problem of insecurity, immaturity, or fatigue.

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