Marijuana and impotence
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Marijuana and impotence

Marijuana and impotence

We can say unequivocally that marijuana is the illegal drug most widely consumed throughout the world. Its use is common among young and not so young, in all sexually active people who are unaware of the harmful effects it can have on their performance and sexual health.

I´m surprised people who need to some extent smoke a joint before shag, I understand that some occasionally can serve to take a different powder, but then it is so important as a condom, and the thing goes to dark brown.

to change my mind now more than one can dip this news, apparently researcher at Queen´s University has linked marijuana use and erectile dysfunction.

the researcher is Rany Shamloul and in a recent review of medical literature on marijuana use and sexual health it has revealed that cannabis use may negatively impact male sexual performance.

Recent studies in animals and in vitro studies have identified new negative connections between cannabis use and sexual dysfunction that can end the long debate between those who advocate legalization and specialists they see only their pharmacological utility active ingredient.

Until now it was known that cannabis affects certain receptors in the brain, but now these receptors are believed to exist in the penis. Therefore, the marijuana may have an antagonistic effect of these receptors in the penis, making it more difficult for a man to achieve and maintain an erection ´´aka erectile dysfunction or impotence.

previous studies that examined the effects of cannabis use on male sexual function have been limited and many of these studies have produced conflicting results. While some have argued that marijuana could have beneficial effects in improving erectile function, other studies have reached the opposite conclusion.

be that as it may there who can not pass the spliff before taking a good fuck, and this should not be good, but on the other hand, thinking evil, should also keep in mind that a scientist you can prove that good is bad and vice versa with only cling to certain factors but watch the movie Thank You for smoking.

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