Lubricant and sexual pleasure
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Lubricant and sexual pleasure

Lubricant and sexual pleasure

There are times in the life of a woman in which natural lubrication needs a helping hand, for example on certain days of the menstrual cycle after birth, during or after menopause. In those moments, grab a bottle of lubricant makes our sex life to be healthier, simple and fun.

Sometimes stress, fatigue, certain medications and contraceptives may also contribute to vaginal dryness. Having sex without sufficient lubrication can lead to small tears ± os in the vagina that hurt and leave it vulnerable to infection.

Both women and men will benefit from the use of some lubricant before masturbation or penetration. Keep in mind that lack of lubrication affects both sexes and can produce blisters and sores that can become infected later. The use of lubricants favors the sensitivity of the labia and helps fondling the genitals and other erogenous zones more enjoyable.

the lubricant is essential for fisting

whether for solitary pleasures (masturbation) or in company, when we use sex toys or when we practice anal penetration, the lubricant eliminates unpleasant friction or possible tear.Remember that the year not only lubricates and therefore need additional help in order to keep it healthy.

Lubricants and anal sex

for anal sex are the best silicone-based lubricants, they last longer and there are many brands that manufacture their products to make them compatible with all kinds of condoms and even they have muscle relaxants. My advice when anal sex always use a lubricant, this will make it much easier and pleasant place your fingers, a sex toy or penis.

lubricants and sex toys

Lubricants, oils and lotions are often used to make more pleasant masturbation in fact they exist specifically masturbation lubricants, which are able to improve any game or any solo masturbation technique.

All lubricants facilitate the sliding of sex toys, make them more pleasant to touch and much easier to introduce when their mission is to be penetrated by a hole. The only thing that will require attention to is that the type of lubricant is appropriate for the material it is made sextoy:

a latex toys suits them use silicone lubricants, but we should not use this lubricant with sex toys made of silicone because they damage the surface.

the oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms because they weaken the rubber, or with toys.

Avoid using home lubricants such as Vaseline or cooking oils, as both can cause infections and damage condoms. The easiest and cheapest is to use water-based lubricants, they go well with almost everything, and many are edible with aromas and flavors of fruit.

the only downer of lubricating water-based is that last less because the water evaporates, this makes them less suitable for prolonged foreplay or anal penetrations that require good lubrication.

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