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Have you ever heard of vaginismus?Vaginismus is a female condition relating to suffer some pain when having sex or something introduced into the vagina, as its name suggests.

it is closed unintentionally so, that does not allow entry of the penis, so that can not perform intercourse.You can also give other difficulties outside the sexual sphere, as can be, not being able to enter a buffer or perform a gynecological analysis.

difficult task of introducing something into the vagina is caused by a muscle spasm in perivaginal automatically.But beware, this does not prevent women become excited and able to reach orgasm in other ways.

Most cases respond to psychological causes: Fears or phobias related to penetration, which the person may be a religious education, fear of not knowing do well, due to ignorance of the anatomy itself, fear of pain, fear of getting pregnant, fear spread of sexually transmitted disease, stress, anxiety, bad memory for some painful gynecological examination or frustrated sexual experience.

Generally, vaginismus is given from the beginning, from the first attempts of penetration, which is known as primary vaginismus. It also occurs in a small number of women, the secondary vaginismus, which would suffer the disease after having sex without a problem, and even children. This is derived from have gone further in their relationships and keep an excessively traumatic memory, having suffered rape or aggressive surgery.

the important thing about all this is that, being a psychological cause, it is relatively easier to overcome. 90% of women who have suffered from vaginismus have resolved without undue complication.

In these cases, the help of a psychologist or substantiate sexologist is to perform some behaviors, patterns and práccticas suitable for achieving improvement and enjoy a full sex life.

finally, we recommend the use of non excessively large sex toys to facilitate therapies first. In our sex shop online have a variety of dildos and vibrators minis very discreet, comfortable and easy to use, especially for those first penetrations.

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