Ideas for anal sex with pleasure
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Ideas for anal sex with pleasure

Ideas for anal sex with pleasure

Very few women enjoy it, but this is because if for vaginal sex little or nothing taught us, anal, almost everything is a real taboo.

Both women and men rarely we name or recognize and although it is behind is one of the most beautiful parts of, especially female human body. One of the connotations of the rear magnet is that it leads us to think about anal sex. And if in the theme sexual penetration, games and aversions are taboo, anal is even more so.

However, it is one of the fantasies of men. And there are very few women who really enjoy it, but this is because if for vaginal sex little or nothing taught us, anal, almost everything is a real taboo.Despite this, surveys have revealed that 40% of couples have tried ever.

Ernst Güfenberg, the German researcher who he discovered the G-spot, believed that the ideal position to stimulate that area was behind penetration. And yes, there are also anal orgasms, especially, with her sitting on top of it, where it may be safer for her it is who controls the movement all the time.


The anus is a super sensitive part you need stimulation. Therefore it is more painful. You have to know stimulate, masterfully do, ask how you feel, do slow the first time, and know that is a no no, and yes, you do, but with intelligence.

Many women hate anal sex because maybe your first experience was not all good. The challenge is to make that moment an erotic, sensual and delicious experience, not a nightmare for her.

A key is to do enough lubrication. The anus does not lubricate itself and that is why there are many lubricants on the market for this part, more durable and thicker.

it is always advisable to use a condom if it is not a stable, safe or healthy couple. Especially since this region is more sensitive of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. If you use a condom, it is preferable to change after a slow anal penetration, and never use it to penetrate the vagina.

It is recommended that before penetration with the penis you use your fingers and lubricant. If it is a new or unknown partner, always use latex gloves or finger cots, as well as self-adhesive plastic, kitchen if they crave the tambiénn prejudiced ´´black kiss´´. Today, in these times, you can no longer have sex without these additions next to your bed.

During a very intense erotic play or wild, with her on top of you, touch your anus with one of your fingers. Before and after practice to practice too much cleaning. Minutes before, she can be washed with a small pear washing or in some sex shop products already exist for this purpose. This to avoid ´´accidents´´ and to make a cleaner for both game.

After anal sex the man should wash the penis and your hands with soap and water, and she like to avoid infections.

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