Touch yourself is an exciting art for them
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Touch yourself is an exciting art for them

Touch yourself is an exciting art for them

masturbate in front of your partner is a way to discover new sensations and routes to the pleasure

always excited me the way my fingers caress my clitoris and how I´m finding ways to feel the moisture slowly. Sometimes I caress with one hand the breasts, abdomen, pubis. Lower slowly and continue to slide your fingers into the vagina. I can feel the temperature changes inside: from warm to very hot, and how the vaginal walls begin to be lubricated. The fingers are introduced increasingly to cover a fascinating humidity increases gradually.

See me, feel stimulated in this way by myself is wonderful. I guess all women who have learned the art of touching the same happens.Having an orgasm through our fingers is a unique experience. I love doing it in bed, on the couch, in the shower hot through friction or penetration.

When time to touch the clitoris beginning it circular way and then taking small pat on the cap that covers and rarely dare to touch it (safely happens to many women, it´s so sensitive!). I rub up and down the clitoris between two fingers pressed very soft to very fast, much as my pleasure requires. If there is to hand a toy then is the time of his triumphal entry.

There are times when after this time, it if is there, he decides to enter, once I´ve been like a red hot coal. Women we love to give pleasure, sweet, soft, at our pace, leisurely, unhurried ... and often alone.

it is not secret that for many men, to see a woman masturbating is really exciting. So I must say that the fact that a woman masturbates not mean it has no partner.I think we should remove that misconception head. In men could be, in women is different.

In fact, women may discover much of his own pleasure if masturbate Moreover, even when they mate, it is a way to rediscover our feelings, our responses to pleasure and to know more and better, what and how we like it.

And that ultimately, masturbation is an art. To learn give pleasure to another, you must first give ourselves know and like sex, also have imagination.

But what happens when we have that moment of enjoyment? How do we do?

There are many and various ways are women who practice it. First I must say that the number one factor in all masturbation is our biggest sex organ: the brain. If women can not imagine (a scene, a situation) or remember some experience, our boy, be a little more complicated to get into ecstasy. Not impossible, though.

I´m very visual and therefore to me make me (as I have said many times) porn movies. Sometimes I can recall a scene or feel part of it. Sometimes I can do it after seeing some and then make a video of my masturbation to give it to him as a gift. But I need to, say, some motivation.

So, without imagination, women can not have a good masturbation. Is there a girl masturbating on her bed, but is at least ten places. This time he will not talk about how dirty and guilt involved for many women masturbation. I have already touched that subject many times. I speak here of how we do that instead of suffering enjoy it.

After imagination comes what we like. I always prefer my fingers, but there are women who love to masturbate with toys or objects so handy that you men, I never would imagine. There are friends that I have masturbated have revealed, for example, worthy of a fresh salad vegetables, such as carrots or cucumbers. Others prefer conventional sex toys.

The renowned American sexologist Shere Hite made in the 70 surveyed more than 3,000 women his country around the art of touching by themselves, the results were compiled under the name of ´´Hite Report´´ and the answers were very revealing.

82 percent said they masturbated and 95 percent of them said that if he proposed could easily reach orgasm. This then contradicted the belief that women reach orgasm slowly and hence the saying that no frigid women but men incapable. 73 percent of respondents said orgasm through clitoral.

In my case is also a favorite. When orgasm through clitoral comes I can feel how I start to climb the crest of that wave slowly and with intensity. I can not stop moving my hips when that happens, and then one, two, three contractions. and I´m there in orgasm after a real loving dalliance with myself.

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