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aphrodisiac foods

aphrodisiac foods

Throughout history there have always been foods that have been considered aphrodisiacs attributing them the ability to expand sexual desire. Wine, oysters, chocolate ... are numerous examples, although the existence of true natural aphrodisiacs from a rigorous view is not entirely clear, it is an absolute fact that eating certain foods can improve our sex life in general mainly by providing nutrients that our body uses to have sex.

the chocolate is a classic, there is an old popular belief that places it at the top of this imaginary ranking of foods with aphrodisiac power. This theory is largely based on that in the chocolate are some chemicals that are considered sexual stimulants such as phenylethylamine. Numerous studies have concluded that this substance could be responsible for the physiological changes that occur in humans when infatuation occurs.

black chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has a high caffeine content, these are two ingredients that can increase blood flow and activate the libido.Not without saying that any other added you can bring the chocolate that we eat, like sugar or milk will not do anything to slow down this effect and significantly increase the number of calories you ingest go to the opposite effect.Therefore, if we want to check if it is true its stimulating effect will be to opt for the purest chocolate we can find.

On this tour by the main foods that are granted stimulant and aphrodisiac powers, it is inevitable to stop and analyze some of the reasons why oysters have always been considered one of the most important.

oysters are one of the most important sources of minerals, so essential to keep fit and perform well in bed. With a high content of iron, vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, etc. They are also one of the natural foods with higher zinc content, always related to the regulation of testosterone levels and sperm production in men. It is known that every time a man ejaculates loses about 5 mg. Zinc something that makes zinc deficiencies are common in men.

We´ll finish this review talking about red wine traditionally occupy another prominently in this classification of food and erotic libido enhancers. Red wine has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of year ± os for its delicious aroma, its characteristic color and taste that great explosion.

Numerous studies have concluded that daily consumption of one or two glasses of wine help enjoy a better sex life. Its high antioxidant content and the ability of wine to strengthen the veins and arteries, leads to better blood circulation making this powerful erogenous zones more easily.

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