Sexuality in the elderly
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Sexuality in the elderly

Sexuality in the elderly

Many people believe that sex and sex practice is something that disappears when we reach a certain age or older entered.

Many people think that older people are indifferent to sex or unable to have sexual stimulation, or do not have sex. However in consulting doctors are increasingly frequent questions on issues related to libido and sexual potency by the elderly.

as we age no sexual desire is lost, quite the opposite. It is true that decreases the frequency of sexual intercourse, but the desires, dreams and fantasies remain intact.

The elderly they are also able to feel pleasure, and sex, especially if they feel loved by their partner. There are countless benefits of sex to our health, so the more reason it is recommended that elderly people maintain an active sex life, and so also report personal and your partner benefits.

60% of people over 65 have sex with an average frequency of four times a month, and though most acknowledge that their relationships suffer inevitable changes due to age (erection and arousal slower, less elasticity and lubrication in the vagina, etc.) make it clear that no means are less satisfactory.

These changes we talked about are completely natural and do not have to reduce the sexual activity of older people, but simply has to learn to enjoy sex in a different way. Therefore, as we reached a more advanced age should we invest more time cuddling and foreplay so as to achieve an adequate level of excitement. Sensual games before the relationship are important in preparation and preparation for the event. In addition, we can test positions he feel more comfortable, and use lubricants to counteract vaginal dryness.

We must also take into account a number of factors inevitably influence the sexual activity of older people, such as having a more or less stable partner, health status, the mobility or mood. However, the age gives us other advantages such as that, with time, learn what makes us attractive and unique to our partner. Knowing seduce and give pleasure is always important, and as we catch we´ll experience better than ever.

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