A condom for each partner
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A condom for each partner

A condom for each partner

We´ve all ever lived that moment in which the two partners are excited, motivated, wanting surrender completely and fully enjoy the pleasure of sex ... until the moment arrives put on a condom.

Many times we ended up cursing her discomfort or resistance to be placed, and in the worst case it I was going to be a spectacular night of sex has been watered down, because this situation has ended inevitably with the erection of man. However, and although sometimes apetecería we do without them, condoms are necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancies and remain the only sure way to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

in addition, uncomfortable situations ended with the arrival of the condondes easy on Durex, which stand out for their amazing comfort and ease of application. In our shop we offer an interesting variety of these condoms:
Pleasurefruits: if you´re a die-hard fruit lover, Easy On Durex condoms offers flavored strawberry, banana, orange and apple -the novelty that they give a touch more exotic and exciting to your relationships

Fine Sensitivo. if you believe that the condom significantly reduces the pleasure of the two sexual partners, it is because you have not tried Durex Fino, which provides extra sensitivity thanks to its particularly fine and sensitive design. In this way, and always without sacrificing maximum security provided by the Durex brand, you can fully enjoy sex, forgetting at times that you or your partner have you been wearing a condom.

Natural Comfort: if already on the Easy range will seem very comfortable, the Natural Comfort condoms definitely meet the expectations of the most demanding because these condoms (completely smooth) are longer, wider, and have an anatomical shape that ensures its subject, in addition to incorporating a Zeus aroma that masks the smell of latex.

Pleasureax: if you like different condoms and maximize your sexual feelings with them, you should try the Pleasuremax, as it will increase the stimulation of both men and women thanks to the studied position of their spots, gouges and inner cavity

Performa. in sex is not applicable that of ´´the good if brief twice good ´´. So Durex helps you extend your relationships with these condoms, including an ejaculation delay cream that will lengthen the time of pleasure of the couple.

Let excuses and protect yourself. With Easy On, wear a condom is no longer a nuisance.

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