The most sensual and sexual women points
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The most sensual and sexual women points

The most sensual and sexual women points

A few days ago we commented on the blog of sex shop that generally, women are less sexually satisfied than men. But why does this happen? It is likely to be because often men tend to ignore the erogenous zones of your partner, limiting itself often to stimulate the vaginal area and breasts of women, or in the worst case focusing solely on penetration.

the woman´s body is full of erogenous zones, and although it is true that each person is a whole sexual universe, we can not forget that there are common patterns in terms of location of those parts of the body more receptive to eroticism. They are those places where a lot of nerve endings are concentrated, so they are particularly sensitive to rubbing, caressing and kissing. Apart from those already mentioned (breasts and vaginal area) we can highlight many more:

• The neck, shoulders and neck are full of blood vessels that make in areas very sensitive to touch. Plenty are known pleasant chills that produces a mild stimulation of these places.

• Ears, and especially the lobe of these points are extremely erogenous. Any whisper, kiss, caress or even licking can trigger the libido of women to unimaginable levels.

• The back is usually one of the forgotten. Throughout her a series of nerves that make, for example, a provocative massage is a good way to start foreplay are also concentrated.

• the inner thighs is all a source of pleasure and one of the most gentle and sensitive parts of women. It is always advisable to indulge in all kinds of caresses to this area.

• Besar eyelids gently stimulate the nerves that converge in the eyes, and probably be very stimulating for her.

• the navel is also a very sensitive point for females. Of course, we take great care with games in this area, as proficiency in their stimulation will draw the thin line between sensual upset.

• the fingers, hands and arms in general form another large group of erogenous zones of women. On its surface are many sensitive points that advise a careful hand and oral stimulation with which she may feel highly satisfied.

In any case not forget that the entire female body is an erogenous zone, so we recommend you to explore for yourself @.Based on practice and experiment without shame or fear you can discover a world of excitement and pleasure that so far neither imagined.

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