Genital Piercings: where to put them, how to use them ....
Genital Piercings: where to put them, how to use them .... 0 €
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Genital Piercings: where to put them, how to use them ....

Genital Piercings: where to put them, how to use them ....

The piercings in general are still very fashionable and specifically genital piercings are a growing trend in both men and women. In addition to the purely aesthetic interest piercings serve to enhance sexual satisfaction and stimulate curiosity.

Contrary to what may seem not about any new fashion because genital piercings have been used for centuries, although paradoxically totally contrary to utilities today because its main application was to prevent sex drive.

importantly apply a piercing in the genital area carries risks so this surgical procedure should always be done by a specialist who is its corresponding title endorsed by the Ministry of Health. Among the most common complications include infection, its appearance can be minimized by using the logical hygiene measures during and after the intervention.Genital piercings need more time to complete healing which usually lasts 8 to 12 weeks.

There are different types of genital piercings both male and female, existing variants are numerous. Some types of piercing are easier, some more painful and there are also more risky because of the possible health consequences if not done properly.

male genital piercings

Prince Albert: is the most common piercings in the penis. In this case the motif is at the end of the penis, penetrates into the urethra and comes out next to the frenulum under the glans.

dydoe or Didoe: consists of a bar placed across the edge of the base of the glans. This drilling is one of the most painful

Ampallang. A bar across the body of the glans horizontally, and either through the urethra or above it

Bridle. is situated at the base of the glans, it is performed through a perforation of the surface of the skin and is used as an ornament both a hoop as a bar

Guiche. is said to be of Polynesian origin and involves placing one or more bars through the skin between the anus and scrotum.

Hafada: This is a piercing that is placed on the skin of the testicles, specifically on the top side of the scrotum

Apadravya: it is a piercing that goes up and down through the glans. This is one of the most delicate perforations, usually takes four to six months to heal

Foreskin or prepuce. It is a hole drilled through the foreskin, this type of piercing is among the fastest healing.

female genital Piercings

clitoral hood: a horizontal or vertical drilling through the cap covering the clitoris. It is probably one of the most common piercing among women, among other factors because it is a fast healing piercing

Fourchette. a Fourchette is a drilling at the perineum, bottom of the vaginal opening. In this area the skin is very thin and can be easily damaged or torn with the natural movement so you have to be especially careful when choosing the ornament.

clitoris: consists of crossing the clitoris with a bar or a hoop. To be able to practice this type of piercing a particular morphology is necessary, it should be sufficiently large clitoris so that it can be traversed. Over time can cause decreased sensitivity in the area

Lips. consists of placing one or more rings in labia majora and / or minor. It is one of the most popular types of piercing female

Triangle. The triangle is a piercing that very few women can wear since a particular morphology is necessary and is a piercing that passes under the clitoris just below the hood, so it must have sufficient space skin so that it can be done.

As you could see there are plenty of alternatives to decorate our genitals with all kinds of jewelry and ornaments, but keep in mind that it is not a decision to be taken lightly, you should be aware a genital piercing, as with any other type of piercing, post requires much commitment and dedication to their care and maintenance.

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