3 positions for oral sex
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3 positions for oral sex

3 positions for oral sex

A good posture for oral sex is essential for both people enjoy, may sound strange, but the fact is that if the person who sucks is comfortable enjoyment will be greater for both, since you can move more easily and for longer.

There are a variety of positions for oral sex, but today we will look at 3 positions for oral sex you must try as you can.neck pain, knee or wrist are over, now you can focus on giving pleasure, and you can recreate your abilities

Stands for oral sex. Sitting at edge of the bed

it is as simple as perdirle that feels the edge of the bed or the couch, with her legs open, and placing a cushion or pillow on the floor. You put in front of him, between his legs and knees, or sitting on the padded surface. You´ll be comfortable without bending down too, and with enough freedom of movement to suck the penis and testicles, and how to get where you want ejaculates.

Postures oral sex: standing and kneeling you

a classic that never goes so, but that can change as in the previous case, to be more comfortable simply have to place a cushion or pillow under your knees, wipe it off or leave your subjected everything to make you excited.

This position like men because they can see how they suck, because they can run around in your mouth or on your breasts, and because they recognize it or not believe them a sense of mastery and power quite exciting. To keep her legs fail to reach orgasm, you can place you in a way he´s leaning against the wall or a piece of furniture

Stands for oral sex. She above

If you do not fancy sitting or kneeling, you may be asked to lie down and you place on you, so the effort is minimal, ideal for slow fellatio and exciting, or as an invitation to a 69. can you vary the position by standing side, resting your head on your body or supporting your genitals on your leg or your hand to masturbate with her while the suck.

I hope you have enjoyed these three positions for oral sex, if you want to share some more, please write a comment below.

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