Cleaning and maintenance of vibrators
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Cleaning and maintenance of vibrators

Cleaning and maintenance of vibrators

It is very important to proper cleaning and hygiene of our vibrators for use and conservation, the more care put in this sense the longer the life of our inseparable playmates and great companions of rewarding sexual experiences.

want from sex shop give you some tips for have no doubt at all times and know that products can be used for cleaning any type of toy XXX or any products you purchased from our sexshop.

regular cleaning of vibrators and dildos, is the most important for proper conservation factor, you should make sure to wash before first use and after each use before returning it to keep in place, for keep your vibrators and dildos in perfect condition to be used at any time. A very important point to consider is the importance of maintaining sheltered water or cleaner part of the vibrator where batteries or electronics are housed to avoid damage, or the batteries are damaged or connectors rust.

How to clean a vibrator:

The ideal way to clean any dildo or vibrator is using a specific product for this purpose and you can find in our section of hygiene and cleanliness of our online sex shop, although depending on the material with which this made the toy can use soap and water, but above all should know very well the material is made your vibrator, dildo or dildos with special forms or penises.

silicone is the material easier to clean and maintain as enough warm water and soap for cleaning, even if they have no electronic mechanism or batteries can be introduced into the dishwasher, then let it air dry cloth or use a lint-free, and thus your vibrator will be in perfect condition for storage and subsequent use.

toys made of plastic, acrylic or glass can also be cleaned with warm water and some kind of antibacterial soap if possible or if it is even acrylic or glass can be boiled or dip in hot water for complete sanitization. Remember that if you have battery compartment and / or electric motor must keep these completely dry and properly protected parts.

With latex or gelatin must be particularly vigilant as they are materials to be cleaned thoroughly with hot water and antibacterial soap because of its very porous composition.

Finally and in any case remember that it is highly desirable to prevent any transmission of bacteria if you share the toy with someone else or plan alternate your vaginal and anal use, the use of a condom must be replaced every time orifice change.

we hope these tips will help in cleaning and maintenance of your vibrators and dildos so they are in good condition the next time you use them in your sex play, and last longer as well.

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