How to clean Chinese balls?
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How to clean Chinese balls?

How to clean Chinese balls?

Today we are going to give a series of tips and instructions for how you ought to clean and preserve your Chinese balls, so they are in perfect condition. To clean the vaginal balls, there are different methods, but the most advisable is clean with mild soap and warm water. In this way will be preserved flawlessly and be prepared at all times for use.

We always have to keep in mind that the balls Chinese should be silicone, never plastic or other non-recommended by its harmful health effects materials

- most soaps not attack silicone, so a mild soap, or better antibacterial soap to wash the balls before and after use. And of course, before premiering. Once the washing have, it is best air dry to prevent lint stay stuck, but you can always use some kind of special cloth antipelusas.

- you can also use specialized cleaning wipes for sex toys, and thereby get the same effect for cleaning Chinese balls

- Some people tell us they use medicinal alcohol to disinfect it, but really, is not so necessary, and we must consider that after put alcohol must clarify very well so there are no traces of alcohol in Chinese balls

- Some shoves Chinese balls in the dishwasher. There is no problem if the balls are made of silicone or glass, are not going to spoil, but I really do not require treatment as ´aggressive´ for better cleaning.

- for further cleanings, Chinese balls can be disinfected putting them in boiling water for a couple of minutes, even wash them with a small stream of bleach. But beware, stress the importance of the balls are made of silicone.

You have to bear in mind and pay close attention to those Chinese balls with flanges or which are attached with a cord, they are the most common sites where you can accumulate some germ, and this is where we need to clean more carefully vaginal balls.

the disinfections from time to time are needed, while for routine use, simply clean with warm water and mild soap. That is why Chinese balls with quality, cleaned properly and used regularly, there is no greater risk than enjoy an enviable pelvic health.

in our sex shop you will find high quality Chinese balls where Chinese Fun Factory balls or Chinese balls brand Lelo predominate.

Now you know the care that you should consider for the proper cleaning of your Chinese balls.

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