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Sex pheromone perfumes

Sex pheromone perfumes

There are plenty of questions in the air in relation to pheromones and their effects, as usual ignorance generates a multitude of opinions that in most cases are based on misinformation rather than knowledge.

the pheromone-based products have no magic effects, so we will not turn into princes or irresistible to the opposite sex princesses, but help us create the enabling intimate atmosphere.

in biology the definition of pheromone is. ´´substance excreted by some animals that influences the behavior of the same species. ´´This chemical is produced by our body but we do not realize because it is completely without odor and arouses sexual desire as part of the natural strategy has not only our species but many other of keeping alive the breeding cycle.

currently this bodily substance has been synthesized and added to various preparations that allow us to use as a perfume. It is possible, therefore, increase our sexual attractiveness, permeating the skin or clothing with these concentrates, causing very pleasant sensations in the opposite sex either male or female as there are male and female pheromones that base their composition in various substances according to each case.

we should note that however great the amount of these products that we apply we will not get the other person fall in love with us, in any case all you get is that you feel more willing to be intimate feeling more relaxed and comfortable with our company.

SEX SHOP sex shop at your disposal erotic cosmetics section where you can find several products composed of both pheromones for men and women.

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