Tips and tricks to have sex on the beach
Tips and tricks to have sex on the beach 0 €
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Tips and tricks to have sex on the beach

Tips and tricks to have sex on the beach

having sex on the beach seems easier than it looks, so if you´re thinking about practice or have already done but you had a problem, today we give you some tips and tricks to have sex on the beach.

If you´ve never practiced, is likely to have sex on the beach is one of your favorite sexual fantasies.But then you think about it in the sand, stones or shells, in the people you can see, etc. and as that already makes you less grace or just see it more complicated.

Unless you both like sex in public, ideal to have sex on the beach is to look for somewhere a little apart, and if your idea is to do it by day, in the sunlight, with more reason for you not see children or scandalized any grandmother who might be giving a walk along the shore.

In regard to the arena, it is clear that can be unpleasant and unhygienic if you plan to stop to the genitals. For that arena have been able to spend hundreds of feet, and so have many bacteria and lots of organic remains of humans and animals.

to avoid the problem of sand, it is best to bring a towel or a sheet that can directly extend to cover a wide area by changing position if you go.

If the idea is to have sex on the beach at night, then it may be good idea to have a flashlight to find your way back and not go stumbling. You can also use a candle to give a romantic touch, that if they will have to be transparent cups because otherwise it is likely that the breeze off.

speaking of breezes and winds, should look meteorology for that night, lest that I caught a rain or derrepente lower temperatures hit and you get caught with your ass in the air, never better. Ditto if you live there where tide rises and other natural phenomena that can be a problem.

So with these tricks and tips for having sex on the beach´re ready to enjoy with your partner, if you want to add any more or have your experience, you can do it by leaving a comment.

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