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Discretion Policy

Our company is aware of how important it is that your orders are treated in the most discreet and safe way, that is why we offer the most confidential service that guarantees a satisfactory shipment.

Safe Packaging:

Sealed hard carton boxes wrapped in wrapping paper and without any description of what they carry.

The sender:

The sender of the consignment does not agree with the commercial name, but with the fiscal name and no intuitiveness is any relationship between the content and the name of the company.

Your data:

The data you provide to us is not used for any advertising purpose or sold to third parties.

If you want to keep informed of news, updates and offers you should express your wish that it be so. If it is not, you will not hear from us again until you wish.

Any loyalty customer can unsubscribe himself from any listing of our company that is used commercially.

Fill out our contact form indicating your customer number and your request to leave. Your personal data will be deleted immediately from our database.

The shipment:

The messenger that gives you your package does not know what it carry, because it does not carry any identification of what it contains and is simply a package of the hundreds that deliver daily to its time and in perfect condition.

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