Spring and sexual desire
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Spring and sexual desire

Spring and sexual desire

When you move into spring, and as is often attached to it, temperatures have been a remarkable rise and the hour, daylight hours have also increased in our days.

as we know, spring is closely related to the increase in sexual desire in both men and women. In men the hormones responsible are androgens; in women, estrogen.Exposure to light increases in both sexes secretion of endorphins, hormones that reduce stress, lift in mood, become more receptive to one and thus stimulate sexual response.

prior to summer season unleashes onanism, masturbation and sex. This is also accompanied there is more free time, light clothing ... The light, heat, are to blame.

According to José Ramón Landarroitajáuregi, president of the State Association of Professional sexology and director of the Center of Attention to the couple Biko Arloak, ´´the light is responsible for stimulating the pituitary gland, the control tower of sex hormones is located in the brain, in times more light there is increased activity of the pituitary and therefore a number of hormones that play a key role in sexual desire and infatuation are released

At this time, clonic sex therapy have their greatest activity. On the one hand, receive calls from young people seeking contraceptive advice, and on the other, couples who see decompensated sexual revitalization and that their expectations are not met.

at the same time, also it agrees that spring is the season in which more sexually transmitted infections occur among young people. This leads to reactivate campaigns for condom use and AIDS and other STDs.

Finally, at this time the sex shops notice a growth in sales of erotic toys, both for enjoyment alone and in pairs. We can vouch for that with our sex shop online, where queries and interest of our clients are reactivated significantly.

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