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Anal sex

Anal sex

Anal sex in real life is probably less common than in the adult film, which does not mean that few people practice it. There are many surveys that have been conducted, and all throw all kinds of figures, so it may be more used than we think.

Many people assume that gay men practice anal sex frequently, and instead believe that heterosexual couples and lesbians tend not practice anal sex and ... however, the reality may be quite different.

Many think that porn has helped increase the statistics, that is, to increase the interest of men and women experience this sexual practice that is nothing new, since it was already mentioned in the Bible.

anal sex is safe

anal sex is safe and pleasant when practiced right way and taking some care. No doubt the basic ingredient is the anal lubricant, and the second most important is patience, patience to dilate enough for penetration not be uncomfortable or painful.

the adult film sets a bad example for the practice of anal sex, because it suggests that anal penetration is as simple as vaginal, and nothing is further from reality. It is understandable that they do not want to waste time showing all the ´´warm´´ and anal dilation, but the viewer should be aware that all this has been done before shooting the scene.

anal sex with condom is better

in the darkrooms and in many places there are lovers who venture in anal sex without a condom. My advice is to avoid, first to prevent infection and disease transmission, and secondly, because the condom is easier to penetrate the anus.

And it course after anal penetration, do not ever put his penis into the mouth or the vagina of your partner changes condom or wash the penis, because in real life I assure your partner will not put the same face of happiness a porn actress.

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